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Meet Doctor Anesu Chinoperekwei 

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Dr Anesu Isabel Chinoperekwei is a female Psychiatrist who holds a first degree in Bachelor of Medicine &Surgery from the University of Zimbabwe,  she also holds post graduate qualifications in Mental Health, and a masters degree in Psychiatry.  She also holds a certificate in Leadership &Health Management from the University of Washington, USA; and a certificate in Global Mental Health from the University of Washington, USA. She volunteers on the Covid Psychological support team for members of staff of Parirenyatwa Hospital, Harare ; and also takes an active role in the management of clients suffering from drug and alcohol abuse. She runs a mental health outpatient facility in Milton Park, and works with all psychiatric conditions including depression, bipolar affective disorder, post-partum psychosis, autism and ADHD in children and adults. She is passionate about improving awareness of mental wellbeing and has given several talks on radio and television. She is also a mentor for Pharmdrive Youth Organisation which plays a crucial role in the mental wellbeing of students.

Who we are and what we do 



Serenity Mind Center is a private practice offering mental health services in Zimbabwe. It is located in Harare, Milton Park, at number 19 Divine Road. Serenity Mind Center offers outpatient facilities for people suffering from various mental health ailments including acute stress disorders, post-traumatic stress disorders, other anxiety disorders, clinical depression, bipolar affective disorders, schizophrenia and other forms of psychoses, as well as dementia and addictions amongst many.  The center is well equipped to manage all age groups (toddlers and pre-scholars, adolescents, adults, the elderly).

Serenity Mind Center also liaises with other mental health facilities especially for those requiring admissions and emergency psychiatric care. It also has rights of access to Michael Gelfand hospital, Mbuya Dorcas Hospital, Parktown Hospital, and several drug rehabilitation facilities in Harare.

Serenity Mind Center is also currently finalizing a contract to work with Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF- Doctors Without Borders), an international independent organization, where it will be offering consultancy services to adolescence with addiction problems in Harare.

Serenity Mind Center also engages with the community as part of its awareness raising campaigns through Television, radio, and print media platforms, as well as through various church platforms and mental health awareness groups.

Services Offered

Serenity Mind Center offers individual psychiatry sessions as well as group sessions, including family sessions. Depending on the diagnosis made, some of the clients may receive pharmaco-therapeutic interventions, whilst others may receive psychotherapy and psycho-education through the in-house psychiatrist and psychologist.

Online sessions are also offered for those who would have travelled out of Harare or out of the country at the prevailing rates.